[Twisted-Python] SIP Registrar

Guenter Dannoritzer tvmrfusnucnc at spammotel.com
Mon Jun 22 09:23:28 EDT 2009


I am trying to run a SIP registrar.

So far I used an example that comes with the Perl Net:Sip Package:


As I am more familiar with Python, but not yet with twisted, I tried to
find a simple example that runs a SIP registrar based on twisted.

I searched this mailing list and found a post about rather using the
Divmod Sine sip implementation than this one. On the other side it seems
like that some of this functionality is back ported into twisted.

Does the current twisted implementation provide enough functionality to
implement a SIP registrar?

I found in the mailing list this simple example about a SIP proxy:


Would that be about the way to go for a registrar?

Thanks for your help.



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