[Twisted-Python] Dropin.cache errors after clean install oftwisted-8.2.0

Rutt, Benjamin Benjamin.Rutt at gs.com
Thu Jun 18 10:55:00 EDT 2009

I don't have root, so 'sudo twistd' won't help.  And as I said, it's a
read-only filesystem I was testing on; root wouldn't help anyway.  But I
could redo my twisted install, and after typing 'python setup.py install
--home=...' try just running twistd one time as you suggest, or do
python -c 'from twisted.plugin import IPlugin, getPlugins;
list(getPlugins(IPlugin))' as the docs suggest.

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Just type "sudo twistd" and the errors will go away.
(You may already know of this work-around)

 I agree with you that it would be nice for these to never show up in
the first place.
I looked at the ticket you mention, but it seems that the cleaner
would be to resolve these issues at install/upgrade time.


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