[Twisted-Python] Need help with writing a secure Iran Proxy

Andreas Trawoeger atrawog at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 03:44:58 EDT 2009


Could I kindly ask all the Twisted Gurus to take a look Austin Heaps Best
Proxy Practices
for Iran http://blog.austinheap.com/

The current setup (Squid & iptables) everybody uses is extremely complicated
to setup and it should be trivial to implement the requirements in Twisted.
Turn it into an egg and allow everybody to simple type easy_install

I know a little bit of Twisted, because I'm an avid Zenoss user and in
different circumstanced I would write the proxy on my own. But in this case
a safe implementation is a real must and I'm really worried to make some
stupid beginner mistakes.

So some (example) code and links to websites I should read would be greatly

Thanks to everybody!

cu andreas
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