[Twisted-Python] Twisted book(s)?

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Wed Jun 3 01:12:31 EDT 2009

> I'm fairly new to Python and very new to Twisted.   I find I learn new
> material best from a book, so although I know there's lots of great
> documentation and examples on twistedmatrix.com, I was considering
> getting O'Reilly's Twisted book ('Twisted Network Programming
> Essentials' by Abe Fettig).  But that book dates back to Oct 2005 so I
> was wondering if it's still a worthwhile purchase - I'd guess Twisted
> has moved a good bit since the book was written.  Any opinions?

I got that book and to be honest, didn't find it very useful due to it
being a nutshell book - it can't (due to size) go into much detail in
each section and so I found the online documentation/tutorials were a
better resource.

A more detailed Twisted book would be awesome though! I think
pragprog.com share 50% of the profits with authors (and do ebooks and
betas too), so maybe someone might be interested in writing it :)

Of course noone would complain about a community edited book like what
the Django project has, either. :)


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