[Twisted-Python] Questions about adding documentation

Reza Lotun rlotun at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 11:51:05 EDT 2009

Hi All,

> Well, if there *were* to be a change in the documentation system used, I
> would push for moving to Sphinx, rather than a wiki.
> * it's rapidly becoming a "standard" for docs in the Python world
> * it has lots of neat  features
> * it can be version controlled
> * multiple output formats (html, chm, Latex(and therefore PDF), etc.)
> * I just like it :)

Rather than change the documentation system entirely, who don't we
just create a new resource for Twisted documentation - a Twisted
Documentation Wiki. At the very least it can be a repository of
various tips and tricks we happen to find, and maybe it can even be a
staging ground for documentation that makes it into Twisted proper.


Reza Lotun
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