[Twisted-Python] twisted.positioning: status report and request for comments/feedback

Laurens Van Houtven lvh at laurensvh.be
Thu Jul 30 10:14:28 EDT 2009

Oh, by the way: would you guys expect NMEASentences to be immutable objects?

I suppose it makes sense, but maybe I've been thinking too much
Haskell recently. After all, an NMEASentence is an alternative way of
describing a past event (namely, something that a GPS told you).
Changing it would be like changing history, you can't do that -- even
if you're really replacing it with the same data but encoded

Right now, I'm assuming immutable sentences.

I know that you can't *really* make immutable python objects, but
they'd be immutable in the sense that:

sentence.latitude, sentence.longitude = Coordinate(50.49),  Coordinate(-3.34)

... wouldn't work (specifically, latitude and longitude aren't really
attributes of the class, but things you can get with my __getattr__ --
and I don't set __setattr__, so you'd need to know the guts of the
class, which currently are public but I might make private before the
code review).

Thanks for your input,

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