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On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 2:26 AM, Nida <crazyturkey at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I noticed that you are on the twisted words mailing list and it says that
> you are the maintainer too, so I was hoping I could ask you a few questions:
> I would like to use the twisted words oscar protocols.
> I am trying to use the oscardemo.py example as a guide and I would like to
> use sendMessage without call back and I don't want to use the reactor
> (because I don't want it to loop).
> I would like the bot to log in, but I want some user interaction to type in
> a message to send to others. My problem is I want to use sendMessage as well
> as getting a buddyList.
> Is there a better way then using ClientCreator? Or a simpler way to log in?

(I'm cc-ing the twisted list, since that's the place where questions should

ClientCreator is just an easier way to connection client protocols, without
having to make your own Factory.

You have to use the reactor; that's how the TCP data gets to your client.
I'm not sure what "I don't want it to loop" means, but you can always stop
the reactor after you're done with whatever networking you're doing.

You don't need to have a callback for sendMessage.  Just don't pass the
wantAck kwarg to the method, and you won't get a Deferred back.

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