[Twisted-Python] LoopingCall at a non-idling reactor

Ilya Etingof ilya at glas.net
Mon Jul 20 07:33:12 EDT 2009

>> Perhaps it works that way. And what makes things worse is that if datagram
>> input rate is steady and higher than datagram processing time, the
>> LoopingCall calls will never be invoked.
> It will eventually stop reading datagrams and go do something else.  The
> exact way it decides when to stop is completely arbitrary and I don't
> think anyone has ever demonstrated that it's clever or appropriate in the
> general case (it stops after reading 256k of datagrams).

Isn't this call priority policy appears somewhat rigid and obscure?

Would it be clearer if user would be allowed to assign relative
weights to his/her receiption and timer functions so that main loop
could choose what to call in case of their competition for time slot?


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