[Twisted-Python] LoopingCall at a non-idling reactor

Ilya Etingof ilya at glas.net
Sun Jul 19 04:01:34 EDT 2009

[ skipped ]

> The above is something which you're more or less not allowed to do in a
> Twisted application.  That simulated data processing is blocking the
> main event loop.  Nothing else happens until it finishes - that includes
> handling more UDP packets and it includes running timed events like the
> ones LoopingCall sets up.

But why main loop does not fire timed events when it has a chance to do 
that? Note that my data processor takes 0.2 sec on each run, while my 
timed event period is 1 sec.

In other words, I'd understand this behavior if my data processor
would block main loop for a few periods of timed event, but this
is not the case.


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