[Twisted-Python] Problem with twisted.names.client.lookupPointer

Kieran Simkin kieran at digital-crocus.com
Sun Jul 19 01:34:21 EDT 2009

Hi there,
I'm trying to do some reverse DNS lookups with twisted and I don't seem 
to be able to get even the most simple of test cases to work. I've tried 
it on a couple of different installations with the same results, perhaps 
someone can help me?
My test case is this:
from twisted.names import client
from twisted.internet import reactor
def callback(a):
    print repr(a)


The output I'm getting from this program is as follows:
([<RR name= type=PTR class=IN ttl=9777s 
auth=False>], [<RR name=244.209.91.in-addr.arpa type=NS class=IN 
ttl=8348s auth=False>, <RR name=244.209.91.in-addr.arpa type=NS class=IN 
ttl=8348s auth=False>], [<RR name=ns1.solsticehosting.net type=A 
class=IN ttl=8348s auth=False>, <RR name=ns2.solsticehosting.net type=A 
class=IN ttl=8348s auth=False>])

Nowhere in this output is the actual PTR record - the first entry looks 
like it should be the PTR record, but the name is 
'' - I'm expecting it to be 
node2.digital-crocus.com. Can anyone clarify whether I'm doing something 
wrong or if this is in fact a bug?


~Kieran Simkin
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