[Twisted-Python] Chaining deferreds - Twisted+PyGtk

Łukasz Rekucki lrekucki at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 18:36:33 EDT 2009


I'm writing a simple chat client using twisted and pygtk. I have a problem
with a chained deferred not being continued. Here is my call chain:

* MyProtocol.dataReceived -> fires a predefined Deferred [call it A]
* A.callback1 -> creates a new Deferred B, adds a single callback to it,
displays a GtkDialog returns B
* [A stops]
* dialog exits, I call B.callback(result_id) from the signal callback
* all callback in B's chains are called
* program hangs instead calling A.callback2

Is this a thread related problem ? Am I doing something terribly wrong by
calling a deferred from the gtk thread ?

Thanks for help,
Lucas Rekucki
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