[Twisted-Python] Possible Twisted sprint

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Wed Jul 8 23:26:43 EDT 2009

On 8 Jul, 04:31 am, jml at mumak.net wrote:
>I've recently returned from EuroPython where I got a chance to work
>with Thomas Hervé on Twisted. In the giddy rush of success I thought,
>"Wouldn't it be great if we could get a whole week to do this?".

>I propose that:
>  - we arrange a week long sprint in Boston this year.
>  - we ask the PSF & the TSF to assist with travel expenses for some
>of the more distant community members
>  - the Boston folk arrange a venue
>  - individuals figure out how to get the time to attend.
>  - we determine a date asap.

Sounds like a good proposal to me, but I recommend getting individuals 
to accept responsibilities for parts of this so that there are fewer 
"we"s in it.
>In the absence of any better ideas, I suggest that the theme of the
>sprint be "fix as many bugs as possible".

Good goals are as arbitrary as possible, so how about this to modify 
your proposal:

"Under 1000 Open Tickets"

Generally speaking I think sprints are better for feature development 
than bugfixing, but mature projects like Twisted tend to suffer under 
the weight of collected bugs, making it difficult to file tickets for 
new features and get them closed in a timely manner.  Let's lighten that 

Even more specifically: I recommend that we dedicate at least one day of 
the sprint purely to triage.  Being together in person will allow us to 
quickly discuss the relative priority of different goals for Twisted, as 
well as identify duplicates.  It's much easier to yell out "does anybody 
remember a ticket like this" in a sprint room than to fight with Trac, 
or even Google, search.
>As for the date, it should be no sooner than September 7. As a
>starting point, let's say Sep 28-Oct 2.

This should be a pretty good time for me, and it's in my calendar now. 
Anyone else going to have problems making it to an end-of-September 
>Because we'll be asking external entities for money, it's important
>that we get the details sorted out as soon as possible: when is it
>going to be, who is flying in, how much do we need.

It sounds like our current attendance is 2.
>And, of course, the most important detail -- do you think we should do 

I think so, yes.

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