[Twisted-Python] Volunteering for Release Manager

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Tue Jul 7 06:07:15 EDT 2009

On 07:54 am, jml at mumak.net wrote:
>Hello all,
>With some trepidation and a complete willingness to fail, I'm offering
>my services as Twisted release manager, starting Tuesday next week.

>I have only two questions:
>  - Am I accepted?


By which I mean, "yes".  radix and exarkun have both dedicated some 
effort to making this release happen, and I'm sure we'll all continue to 
help you in this role, but there has been a discernable ... lack of 
enthusiasm for anyone to wear the official "release manager" hat.  We 
all appreciate your brave sacrifice.
>  - Where do I begin?

There is a ticket, <http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/3860>, which 
you will now find is assigned to you.

Some work has already taken place to update the NEWS files on a branch 
for that ticket, which is the bulk of the work associated with the 
releases, but it's not complete.  Also, since this branch was made, some 
features have been added and some regressions fixed, so it should be 
merged forward.

So, you should start with those two things.  Once that's done, it needs 
to be reviewed and merged, like a regular branch.  Since you've been so 
gracious as to be the release manager, I'll volunteer for some deputy- 
release-manager responsibilities and be personally responsible for that 
review.  I don't mind if somebody beats me to it, but let me know when 
you think you'll be done and I'll make an effort to be available on IRC 
to do the review immediately once you're done.

There are still some outstanding tickets in the "8.2+1" milestone: you 
should either harass someone to fix them, or remove them from the 
milestone and roll them over into a new one, so that they don't linger 
past the actual release: <http://bit.ly/twisted-9-milestone>.

Finally, you have to actually cut the release.  A bewildering array of 
out-of-date, incomplete, and incorrect information about how to do that 
can be found here:


and can be inferred from here:


Chris can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the most up-to-date and 
correct information is to be found encoded in the tools linked from 
tickets on the ReleaseAutomation page.  There are a couple of command- 
line tools which you have to run, and once you've got their output it 
should be fairly obvious what to do.

Thanks again, and good luck!

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