[Twisted-Python] XML-RPC over Unix Sockets?

Kristian Larsson kristian at spritelink.net
Sun Jul 5 18:32:20 EDT 2009

I'm trying to build a client / server setup using
XML-RPC run over UNIX sockets.

Putting together the server part was a breeze,
just define an xmlrpc class and have the reactor
use it with a listenUNIX() call.

Now, since I've been unable to put together a
client I don't really know that the server works,
but I'm assuming it is. At least it does not
generate any run-time errors.

Now, on the client on the other hand I've
basically copied this example:

but replaced the Proxy connection string with:
	proxy = Proxy('file:///tmp/my_socket')
in the hope that it would just magically work.
It did not. 

Having a look at
I see that the callRemote() method only seem to
support connectTCP() and connectSSL(). Should it
not also support connectUNIX? Is there any reason
it does not?

Am I insane? Is XML-RPC over UNIX domain sockets
just plain crazy, or is there even some flaw that
makes it impossible?

Any suggestions are most welcome. Thank you.
Kind regards,

Kristian Larsson                                        KLL-RIPE
+46 704 910401			              kll at spritelink.net

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