[Twisted-Python] Commissiion / Bounty for Twisted CloudCache

Marc Byrd dr.marc.byrd at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 13:08:29 EST 2009


We're building out a service, launching in the next 30 days, that provides
low-latency elastic caching in the AWS environment - more info at
http://cloudscape.ws .  The service is purely ReSTful and uses an
authentication approach which is consistent with other AWS services
(signature is HMAC hash of service+operation+timestamp with secret-key).

We would like to commission the development of an open source Twisted module
that takes advantage of CloudCache.  It should be as close as possible to
the twisted memcache interface, perhaps requiring only a change in the

I can provide basic python test cases for all API methods.

BTW [OT], would also be interested in non-twisted replacements of other
popular memcached libs, similar constructor-only diffs in the interface.

If interested, please reply with qualifications and experience with twisted
and memcached, and a ballpark of what kind of commission / bounty you think
would be fair.


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