[Twisted-Python] Tracebacks being dropped from exceptions when using inlineCallbacks

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sun Jan 18 03:51:45 EST 2009

On 17 Jan, 05:20 pm, terry at jon.es wrote:
>>>>>>"glyph" == glyph  <glyph at divmod.com> writes:

>glyph> So, we still have some diagnosis to do on why you don't seem to 
>glyph> getting useful tracebacks from inlineCallbacks :).  Now, not 
>glyph> can I not reproduce the bug, your reasoning doesn't make sense 
>glyph> more either.
>Glyph, sometimes I think you must be the most patient human ever. What 
>friendly and gentle correcting paragraph that is. I'm sure you'd make a
>great parent.  (And I'm still a child, besides.)  Still, I'd love to 
>been a fly on the wall when you realized I had the args reversed :-) 
>I'm a
>big fan of expletives.

Heh.  Not at all.  There were some expletives /leading up/ to that 
discovery, and I do often have to exercise... patience... when 
responding to certain internet fora, but not this time.  Your error was 
quite subtle, and it had me fooled for at least an hour before I could 
figure out what was wrong.  I was starting to think you'd discovered 
some insane bug in logging, in Failure, or maybe even Python exception 
handling (for some reason I couldn't get pdb.pm() to help me debug this, 
and I'm still looking into that).
>Thanks a lot. I'm sure that's going to save me many hours of 
>and confusion.

No problem.  I'm just glad to see there isn't a bug in Failure here!

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