[Twisted-Python] Looping

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Sun Jan 4 22:08:14 EST 2009

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Hancock <hancock.robert at gmail.com> writes:

Robert> I want to put this into a loop and run it as a daemon, but the
Robert> looping is causing me a problem.  I've tried making the above into
Robert> a procedure (minus the stop working call back and reactor.run())
Robert> and it does not run.  Any suggestions on how to encapsulate this
Robert> into loop would be gratefully appreciated.

It's hard to help unless you post more of your code or are more specific.
What do you mean "the looping is causing me a problem"?

How many urls are in url_tuples?

Is there a reason why you're using just one deferred?

Also why not use client.downloadPage to put the contents into files?


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