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> I'm currently working on a PoC with twisted, Python, to prove the
> technology as an alternative to more
> established enterprise choices (java app servers, etc..).

> the question is: if I have N number of processes running in a M number
> of machines, given that there are no network restriction,
> and that at least http and hhtps are always available, how these
> services would be efficiently monitored?

I've been planning to blog(done [1]) about this. What I do is to have
the service listen to a http connection that returns some monitoring
data. Something like the one below.

Then I use a custom Nagios plugin to request this url and Nagios-PNP to
make graphs of whatever datapoints the monitor produces.

The plugin setup is done by providing an url (say
http://myservice:893/monitor) to monitor. The plugin will then both
monitor the application and graph it.

I have also added an extra field for "errors" that I use to report odd
exceptions or other types of failures that are non-fatal but should be
investigated. If the error count exceeds a set level the may also go
into the reporting.



class Monitor(rend.Page):
    Basic monitoring interface todo: make it even more general.

    <itemname value="int" critical="int" warning="int" unit="UOM"
    min="0" max="300"
    UOM (unit of measurement) is one of:
      no unit specified - assume a number (int or float) of things (eg,
users, processes, load averages)
      s - seconds (also us, ms)
      % - percentage
      B - bytes (also KB, MB, TB)
      c - a continous counter (such as bytes transmitted on an interface)

    def __init__(self, config):
        self.isLeaf = True
        self.config = config

    def renderHTTP(self, ctx):
        inevow.IRequest(ctx).setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/xml;

        #que_length = str(len(getter.get_ids(0, -1)))
        #num_updated = str(get_nr_updated_last_day(self.config.get_db()))
        num_errors = str(len(self.config.getErrors()))

        _root = ET.Element('status', {'service' : 'PDFIndexer'})
        if 'total' in self.config.stats:
            _doc = ET.SubElement(_root,'total', {'value':
str(self.config.stats['total']) })

        _doc = ET.SubElement(_root,'runnerStatus', {'value':
str(self.config.checksStatus()) })
        #_doc = ET.SubElement(_root,'itemsAddedlast24', {'value':
        _errors = ET.SubElement(_root,'errors', {'value': num_errors,
'critical': "3" , 'warning': "2"})

        for error in self.config.getErrors():
            t = ET.SubElement(_errors, 'error', text = error)

        _xmlcontainer = StringIO()
        ET.ElementTree(_root).write(_xmlcontainer, encoding="UTF-8")
        return _xmlcontainer.getvalue()

> is there a twisted application/plugin/framework to do so? are you just
> create 'polling' requests that an existing monitoring tool (i.e.
> Nagios)
> parses and interprets? How would you build a "console" to manage
> services status?
> In a nutshell, what I'm trying to find out if there is already around
> a "container-like" twisted based application that can be used to
> manage/monitor
> twisted applications provided that they adhere to a given interface
> Thanks for your help
> Micc
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