[Twisted-Python] How to use ampoule?

Chris chris.yan at saybot.com
Fri Feb 20 05:08:24 EST 2009

Hi everyone,
I am using twisted to build a server,and the computing request maybe
costs lot of cpu resources.I have checked the maillist,it seems I can
use ampoule plugin to create another process ,I have checked the
website,and downloaded the source code.It seems there is no any document
for it.I did find a example dir,after checking the code,I was
confused.There should be two files,one for client and one for server,am
I right?the client will send the request to the server(could be in
another machine?),and the server responses.but I can't find anything
which matches what I thought.Can anyone explain a little bit to me?Or if
there is some code that would be better.
And the twisted server will receive lot of binary data from the
client,if I use ampoule,I have to send the same data to the ampoule
server again(now the twisted server acts as the ampoule client).Is the
ampoule suitable for such a kind of task? Or I should just use twisted
process module?
I don't know my understanding is correct or not,please correct me.

Best Wishes

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