[Twisted-Python] mind, twisted.cred and HTTPAuthSessionWrapper

Esteve Fernandez esteve at sindominio.net
Thu Feb 19 16:35:48 EST 2009

On Thursday 19 February 2009 20:59:19 Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> The convention is for avatarId to be a string, but as the anonymous case
> indicates, that's not strictly required. :)  The real requirement is that
> the realm be able to interpret the avatarId.  The way this generally works

Heh, want to hear a funny thing? That's what my current code already did :-) I 
was porting this chunk of code from Web2 to Web and while re-reading the cred 
documentation, I noticed that little bit about returning a string. So, if 
it's kosher to use the avatarId in some other way, I'm happy not having to 
tinker with minds.

> I'm not quite sure what you mean here - how should I equate PB and
> HTTPAuthSessionWrapper?

I'm probably wrong, but if I had to wrap a mind-aware portal (as it's the case 
of PB), I think I would have trouble with it. Anyway, I'm a PB noob, so I'm 
sure I'm mistaken.

> It probably *is* a good idea to allow the mind to be created somehow.  It
> was only omitted because no obvious use-cases presented themselves at the
> time.  I'm still not really convinced that this use case is a good one
> though, so I'm not sure I'd be in favor of adding the hook now in order
> to support this. ;)


However, I still think it's a problem (although I must agree that it would 
probably be rarely used), since the only way to create a mind is to override 
the entire method, which is a bit cumbersome. But, as you said, minds are so 
obscure, that probably nobody would ever notice it.


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