[Twisted-Python] installation help

Arie Lakeman arie.lakeman at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:35:59 EST 2009

I've taken an interest in event driven programming, I came across twisted
and liked the look of it, I've tried downloading the .dmg from
twistedmatrix/trac unfortunately after trying multiple installations
including direct installation to both the folder where python is found
(under system/frameworks...) and by changing the sys.path to another
directory I fail to be able to import twisted in the interactive prompt.  I
have a hunch I may be missing OpenSSL (occassional errors) but I don't know
enough about this (after googling) to be able to resolve this.

Essentially I'm interested in writing local event-driven code, whereby I
write specific objects that are capable of interaction in a more natural
manner than Python would permit by threading and classes, so I'm perfectly
happy with any solution that allows me to only locally program event-driven

I would really appreciate any help whatsoever on how to resolve this
installation problem!


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