[Twisted-Python] Twisted download issues

Tuure Laurinolli tuure at laurinolli.net
Sun Dec 13 23:24:20 EST 2009

It appears that Twisted source and binary packages are currently
distributed solely via tmrc.mit.edu, which seems to be down. I don't
know what has happened to tmrc.mit.edu, but it would be nice if there
were more mirrors even if this is just a minor glitch.

I guess open source projects typically distribute their installabled via
services like Sourceforge. Although Sourceforge immediately creeps me
out with the slowness of the site itself, they certainly do have a
sizable collection of mirrors and there usually aren't any problems in
downloading files if the mirror link can be coaxed out of Sourceforge
itself. Perhaps there is a way to get Twisted mirrored on these sites
without going through Soruceforge?

Also, my personal VPS has been sitting nigh unused for about a year now.
It currently runs DNS and e-mail, but I wouldn't mind mirroring Twisted
too :)

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