[Twisted-Python] ANN: Twisted 9.0.0

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Dec 2 15:21:25 EST 2009

= Twisted 9.0.0 =

I'm happy to announce Twisted 9, the first (and last) release of
Twisted in 2009. The previous release was Twisted 8.2 in December of
2008. Given that, a lot has changed!

This release supports Python 2.3 through Python 2.6, though it is the
last one that will support Python 2.3. The next release will support
only Python 2.4 and above. Twisted: the framework of the future!

You can download the new release at our web site,


There were around 285 tickets resolved in this release. The full list
of changes is available here:


It's quite a huge list of changes spanning almost all of the Twisted
projects, so here are some of the more exciting changes:

In the core:
- The Windows IOCP reactor now supports SSL.
- The memcache protocol implementation got some nice new features.

In Twisted Web:
- There's a new HTTP client API and protocol implementation, starting
at twisted.web.client.Agent. It's still pretty low-level, but much
more flexible than the old API.
- There were many improvements to the WSGI support.

In Twisted Conch:
- PyASN1 is now used to parse SSH keys (which means you now need to
install it to use Conch).
- SFTP servers (especially on Windows) now behave a lot better.

In Twisted Mail:
- The IMAP server and client protocol implementations had many fixes.
For example, SASL PLAIN credentials now work.

In Twisted Words:
- XMPP clients now support the ANONYMOUS SASL authentication type.
- The IRC protocol implementations had many fixes.

And a lot more.

= What is Twisted? =

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