[Twisted-Python] Twistd .tac + wxpython

Mikhail termim at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 16:58:57 EDT 2009

> One of them uses wxpython. I originally used the wxreactor but it seams 
> to have some problems on Mac OS X and Windows, so with help from some 

I've used wxreactor the same way as John and used py2exe on Windows and cxFreeze
and PyInstaller on Linux to crate a single executable file. This was a client
with a GUI and I've not used twistd. What problems do you have with wxreactor?

> Windows with py2exe, I had created a main script that called the 
> launcher with the param in a new process. Py2exe is capable of creating 
> several .exe files, so I would generate the launcher and the main 
> script. Not being able to do this with py2app I though of ditching my 
> launcher and using twistd. Even in the event that I got everything to 
> work with the wx reactor, from what I understand twistd uses one reactor 

In completely different app (a server without GUI) I needed a part of the
functionality provided by twistd and at the same time the possibility to crate a
single file executable. I ended subclassing ProcessOption and ApplicationRunner
as Jared recommended here 


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