[Twisted-Python] How to do basic authentication on twisted web

Chris Adams chris at stemcel.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 09:55:46 EDT 2009

Thanks Reza,

> Generally it looks fine - but I should mention these random snippets
> of code were given with the assumption that a .tac file is being used.
> A .tac file is basically a "runner" script or driver for your twisted
> program - it works in conjunction with the twistd command-line utility
> and does fun stuff like automatic daemonization and reactor selection.

Automatic daemonization and monitoring? This sounds like exactly what I'm after.

I've been calling twisted like so for a project: explicitly setting
the process id, logger and source file here. And relying on a separate
cron script to check if all is well:

twistd --pidfile=$PIDFILE --syslog --prefix=program_name --python

Would using a .tac file make some of these flags redundant?

All I could found about .tac files is here -

Are there any other resources where I can found out about the
advantages of using .tac files instead the way I've bee doing stuff?

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