[Twisted-Python] How to do basic authentication on twisted web

Chris Adams chris at stemcel.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 05:28:47 EDT 2009

Hi there,

I'm new to twisted, so please excuse the noobish question, but:

I'm using twisted-web on an openwrt computer, using busybox, and after
looking through the docs, I'm a little unclear about how to implement
something like apache's htpasswd style authentication.

Using apache, I'd do something like:

htpasswd -c passwrods admin topSecretPassword

What's the simplest way to add a simple check for a username and
password like this using twisted web?

Where possible, I'd like to keep all of this inside twisted rather
than rely on installing other binaries, that might not work within the
confined of a small openwrt install.


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