[Twisted-Python] newb help needed on syslog

Terry Jones terry at fluidinfo.com
Thu Aug 13 02:40:17 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Rebs" == Rebs Guarina <fatblowfish at gmail.com> writes:
Rebs> I'm currently looking at writing a remote syslog client (logs go to a
Rebs> central log server running syslog-ng) using twisted. Do you guys have
Rebs> any tips on this? If this somewhat appears to be a repost, please
Rebs> kindly redirect me to the appropriate link.

Hi Rebs

This on only a suggestion of a direction, one which we (Fluidinfo) are
very likely to take too.

The ingredients are Twisted (of course) and Scribe
(http://developers.facebook.com/scribe/). You can tie these together using
the Twisted support we added to Thrift (Scribe uses Thrift). You can
optionally be routing log messages through AMQP using txAMQP

That's actually a pretty simple solution, given the existence of Twisted
support for both Thrift and AMQP (if you want it). But OTOH it's not
something you'll get set up without some effort and perhaps head scratching
(especially if you add AMQP to the mix - it's considerably simpler if you
just use Thrift with its built-in Twisted support). So if your load isn't
going to be fairly heavy you'd probably be better doing something simpler.


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