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Steve Steiner (listsin) listsin at integrateddevcorp.com
Sat Aug 1 23:30:06 EDT 2009

> I get it, really.
> I do tend to use a lot of words to get things across.  Sorry ;-).

Duly noted ;-).

> Where would we put an "inventory" project for it to be most useful?
>  As JP mentioned earlier in this thread, some work has already taken  
> place here: <http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/ 
> DocumentationAnalysis>.

It doesn't really look like that effort went anywhere.



The first document is User reviewed by JoeBlow with Expert Reviews by  

There are only five more entries and only one is "completed" with a  
User and Expert review.

What the heck that properly vetted doc has to do with anything is not  
particularly clear.

Maybe we should have an auction?

     Auction: Document blah-de-blah

	Supplier will document blah-de-blah, work with Sponsors to  
incorporate blah-de-blah into their apps, and release the copyright to  
the resultant documentation and copyright to the Twisted Software  

	Supplier will provide up to X hour of consulting to each of the first  
three Sponsors (Founding Sponsors) to help refine the documentation  
and make sure it can be used in real-world projects.

	Minimum Founder bid is $50.

	Minimum Contributor bid is $35.

		I'll give $50 for someone to explain blah-de-blah and how to use it  
in my app

		I'd give another $50 if I could get this working in my app


		I'd have to have $200 to take this on.

		I'll also offer discounted consulting on the same topic at $??/hr.  
to anyone who contributes $35 or more to this documentation project  


		I'll chip in the extra $100 if I can be one of the first three.  I'm  
really stuck on blah-de-blah and could use some help.


		Ok, we seem to have a deal.  Sponsor 1 is in for $50, Sponsor 2 is  
in for $50, Sponsor 3 is in for $100.

		Each of them receives X hours of help from Supplier 1 which will be  
used to advance their projects and improve the documentation.

		Any future Contributors, over $35, receive discounted consulting  
from Supplier1 at $??/hr. for any work related to this issue as well  
as access to beta versions of the documentation and early-release  
versions of the sample code.

		Please sign off on this agreement and submit your payment.

		Supplier1 agrees to provide a first draft within X-period-of-time.
		Consulting arrangements begin then.  The Twisted Software Foundation  
accepts a donation of 10% of all transactions for facilitating these  
transactions and to generally advance Twisted.  (http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedSoftwareFoundation 

Just a thought...


P.S. I apologize in advance for any formatting issues with the above.   
Obviously, I'm not following the coding spec and pylint barfed on the  
whole thing... ;-).


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