[Twisted-Python] Plugin startup and shutdown actions

Esteve Fernandez esteve at sindominio.net
Sat Apr 11 15:54:08 EDT 2009

On Saturday 11 April 2009 19:42:31 Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> They can be imported from "twisted.plugins".  For example, if you name your
> "dropin" file foo_plugins.py, then "from twisted.plugins import
> foo_plugins" should work and let you test any code that is part of your
> plugin definitions. Note that you should try to keep the amount of code and
> dependencies in a dropin file to a minimum, since this must all be loaded
> and executed whenever a search for any plugin is performed.

Shouldn't twisted and twisted/plugins be non-importable? I thought twisted and 
twisted/plugins must not have __init__.py files in order for the plugin 
system to be able to find them (through getPlugins). Or did that behavior 
change in recent versions?


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