[Twisted-Python] Documentation overviews

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Fri Apr 3 17:25:35 EDT 2009

On 2 Apr, 04:05 pm, cary.hull at gmail.com wrote:
>Hi folks,
>One of the goals for the Pycon sprint was to develop user oriented 
>for existing documentation.
>These would ideally guide users through everything they would need to 
>in order to accomplish a desired goal with Twisted.
>I've formulated the following 'track' suggestions based on a 
>conversation in
>the sprint room a few nights ago.

>Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(list elided)

It would be nice if these could be phrased as the completions to a 
sentence so it was clear what they meant.

For example, "so, you want to ... Twisted"

"So, you want to write a web application with Twisted."

"So, you want to learn the basics of Twisted."

"So, you want to deploy a plugin for Twisted."

Maybe someone can propose a better sentence to fill out; the idea 
though, is to have some consistent perspective on the task the user is 
trying to perform, rather than the things they might want to learn 
(since they may need to learn multiple things in order to perform the 
task at hand).

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