[Twisted-Python] Couched 0.1: CouchDB twisted client

Henrik Thostrup Jensen thostrup at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 17:35:17 MDT 2008

2008/9/5 David Reid <dreid at dreid.org>

> Hi Henrik,
> Patches to Paisley would be greatly appreciated.

Will you accept a switch to web2, otherwise there is very little point to
it. Otherwise the patch kit needs to look like this:

Proper producer/consumer infrastructure in twisted
Integrate the above in twisted.web along with http 1.1 response codes, and
request pipelining.
Some patches to paisley, which would be quite small compared to the other.

Sorry, but it is not that simple :-)

Please file tickets about making twisted.web support the HTTP/1.1 features
> you need, this is the best way to get that support into Paisley.

See my response to JP.

> It just saddens me to see a 3rd couchdb python client library spring up.  2
> is bad enough but one being asynchronous and one being synchronous means it
> can't really be helped.  Paisley development hasn't stopped it just hasn't
> really needed much work.

Without getting into some large discussion here, I think that some diversity
is actually a good thing. Of course it is no use having several half
implementations lying around (the python community excels at this :-)), than
having a single working library. However. the interface of couchdb is simple
enough that a full client library can be written rather fast. This is not
sad, but very nice :-).

- Henrik
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