[Twisted-Python] license / copyright questions about Twisted Perspective Broker client

A aldoogy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 08:23:13 MDT 2008

After looking around for the last 6 months for an Actionscript 3 library 
that would work as a client for use with Twisted Perspective Broker
, and hoping someone more skilled than myself would get around to 
creating one, I decided to get the ball rolling.

It currently works as a client for the example here.

There is a long way to go. . . but it's a start.

I aim to release the library under the same license as Twisted (MIT) but 
I'm wondering about some of the details.
Since all I have done is just ported the original Twisted code from 
Python to Actionscript what does that mean in terms of copyright and 
credits ?
Should I give credit in every file according to original author ?
I still have most of the original doc strings in my version - am I 
allowed to use those ?
There are also sections where I have the original python code commented 
out (as a guide to what still needs to done). I can't really be arsed to 
delete all that while it's still in heavy development. Is that a problem 
? Would I have to put the credits for the code in each snippet ?

I have created a Google code project and will get the code up there as 
soon as I have got the paperwork in order.

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