[Twisted-Python] Twisted XMPP Roadmap

Duncan McGreggor duncan.mcgreggor at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 18:49:45 EDT 2008

Hey all,

I wanted to take a quick moment to share some stuff with the general
email audience that is interested in XMPP/Jabber in Twisted.

First off, some folks don't realize that there is a dedicated
Twisted-Jabber email list for discussing XMPP/Jabber topics. This list
is managed by Twisted's XMPP guru, Ralph Meijer. You can subscribe and
check out the archives here:

Secondly, we've been having some interesting discussions with Twisted
sponsors lately about deep and abiding interests in Twisted XMPP: many
sponsors want us to spend time creating docs and tutorials, improving
support and adding new features. This interest was spearheaded by Jack
Moffitt of Chesspark and given additional momentum by Dhris DiBona of
Google. Furthermore, we've received vocal support for XMPP
improvements from Hydra Labs, Lucasfilm, Security Metrics, and
individual sponsors.

Thirdly, today on #twisted, we had an intense and very productive
discussion about XMPP in general, about it's current support in
Twisted, and then a provisional roadmap for future developments. It
was an excellent experience for all, and one that can be relived by
everyone, thanks to IRC logs :-) A new ticket was created to address
the next step that will to be taken, and that ticket is here:

In that ticket, I linked to the notes and IRC log of our chat:

There's lots to do and we're all quite excited about both the
immediate and long-term benefits to be had by Twisted users, community
members, and the project itself with regard to XMPP and messaging
development efforts.



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