[Twisted-Python] irc server run by twisted and (probably) django

Manuel Meyer manuel at vikingosegundo.de
Wed Oct 29 12:57:03 EDT 2008

>> But I don't know how to inform IRCServer about changes in the site/ 
>> db. Maybe by adding another network protocol to the twisted  
>> application, where django's signals could leave a note?
> I may be missing something, but if you keep all your data in the DB,  
> there's no need to notify the irc server of changes to the DB.
> The only time you'll need this user information (it seems) is while  
> responding to /join and /list requests. Just read the DB at that time.
> What's nice about this is the DB takes care of most if not all of  
> your synchronization requirements, so you have far fewer concurrency  
> issues to think about than if you were broadcasting changes from the  
> web app to the irc server.

I couldn't come online for quite awhile....

No, you didnt miss anything, I missed to explain new thoughts I came  
up with:

If the irc server is already connected with the django site, why not  
offer users the possibility of chatting via js-powered chat like in  
facebook. But therefor the irc server must be informed somehow.


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