[Twisted-Python] Status of twisted-pair and python-eunuchs.

Chris Dew chris at sidwells.com
Thu Oct 16 03:12:24 EDT 2008

I'm trying some network programming using tun interfaces to tunnel WAN
traffic through user-space programmes at each end, which will perform
compression and other magic on tcp streams.  The userspace programmes then
communicate across the WAN, using less bandwidth than the uncompressed data
would have.

Looking at the documentation for twisted-pair and python-eunuchs it looks as
if they haven't been maintained for years - eunuchs last changed about 5-6
years ago.

Is it going to make my life easier to mock things up in Twisted, to get
things algorithmically correct, before porting partly/entirely to C for
performance (if necessary)?  (I'm looking at supporting >10Mbit/s on Core2
processors, with >100 simultaneous connections.)

If Twisted would cause me to spend a large amount of time wrestling with
Twisted-pair/Eunuchs problems, I'm probably better of starting with C.  (I'm
familiar with both Twisted and C, but not the tun interface, nor the
innerworkings of the tcp protocol yet - I was hoping that the source of
twisted-pair might help educate me.)

Has anyone used these packages recently (2.6 kernel)?



P.S. Can anyone recommend any good articles on using the tun interface and
interpreting/processing tcp packets?
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