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shweta mani shweta3230 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 01:04:17 EDT 2008

i need to execute a shell script file through SSH twisted or paramiko. if it
is a normal file then directly with the command  sh <filename>.sh it is
getting executed.            self.conn.sendRequest(self, 'exec',
common.NS(sh test1.sh), wantReply = 1)
but if a shell scripts asks for user input, this particular way does not
wait for user input. it just print the echo part .
is there any way so that interactive type of scripts can be executed in
Paramiko or Twisted Conch in a windows machine (remote login in a unix
machine through Paramiko SSH or Twisted)
i did try with another way in Paramiko which helps in opening a remote
window by creating an instance of SSHClient and invoking the method
invoke_shell(with some parametes) but remote shell window is not opening.the
method specifies starts a terminal shell window in SSH server.
To my interpretation it is somewaht opening a terminal window like putty.
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