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Fantix King fantix.king at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 09:16:48 EDT 2008


Just new to here, but been using Twisted for one year. Some of the articles
in the documentation is really good. So I started some work to translate the
Core Documentation into my main language.

The project was hosted on googlecode, but obviously it is not the best place
to deal with translation works, especially team work. So I want to move it
to launchpad. Problem here is the launchpad people prefer a whole twisted
project other than seperate translation projects. So here I am to request
some help, mostly about turning on the translation module on launchpad for
the project of twisted. Also, RFC on the method I intend to deal with the
translation work.

Here's some rough idea about translating the documentation. Now that
launchpad uses PO format for translation, thus PO would be the better way. I
found a tool named 'po4a' a really good stuff. It can "gettextize" the
original xhtml document (aka master doc) to generate the POT file needed by
launchpad, and 'translate' the master doc with PO files which are translated
though launchpad. Meanwhile, po4a is pretty configurable and easy to use.

Best regards,
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