[Twisted-Python] Packet Fragmentation

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Thu Oct 9 07:27:51 EDT 2008

OoO En  cette nuit nuageuse du  jeudi 09 octobre 2008,  vers 00:51, Nima
Ghanavatian <nimag at rogers.com> disait :

> I was wondering if there's any way in Twisted/Python to handle packet
> fragmentation.  Can I access the last fragment flag in the TCP packet somehow?
> Or is there a total packet size sent with the packet automatically?
> If not, what would be the best way to solve this?

You can also use a protocol  that keeps message boundaries like UDP. UDP
is   reliable    and   deliver   messages   in   order    if   used   on
localhost. Otherwise,  there are protocoles like SCTP  that are reliable
and keep message boundaries. However, I think there is no support for it
in Twisted.
BOFH excuse #93:
Feature not yet implimented

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