[Twisted-Python] sending file but LineReceiver doesnt run

Aydın ŞEN adigeaydin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 05:41:46 EST 2008

I am trying to send file which is in the client's disk, i am using
LineReceiver in the server side. I am sending and receiving data like login
stuff but when i start to read & send file LineReceiver method doesnt run in
the server side. Sending file code part is below, what can be cause of this?

* i am reading 100 kb parts of file and send it, is it best choice? or
reading file once and send it better?

   KB = 1024 * 100
   while True:

                    if (KB > file_size) | (KB == file_size):

                        data = self.file.read(file_size)
                        self.sended += file_size

                            data = self.file.read(KB)
                            file_size -= KB
                            self.sended += KB

def send_data(self, data):

   self.transport.write(data + '\r\n')
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