[Twisted-Python] Please test Twisted 8.2.0pre2 and tell me whether it works

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Fri Nov 21 05:01:49 EST 2008

Le jeudi 20 novembre 2008 à 20:11 -0500, Christopher Armstrong a écrit :
> I just uploaded 8.2.0pre2 tarballs, which include one bugfix since
> 8.2.0pre1 which was deemed important enough to be backported:
>  - TLS Session Tickets are now disabled by default, allowing connections to
>    certain servers which hang when an empty session ticket is received (like
>    GTalk) (#3463)
> The tarballs are at
>     http://twistedmatrix.com/users/radix/8.2.0pre2/
> If you want to test 8.2.0pre2 on Windows, Thomas Hervé may be able to
> build installers some time tomorrow.

And indeed here they are:


> Please test it out - I haven't heard any results from the pre1 release
> yet. If you don't test it then 8.2.0 will be horrible, and it will be
> your fault. You know, I've heard some people are using Twisted to
> manage puppy incubators. Think of the puppies.
> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/shiba-inu-puppy-cam

Everytime a tarball is tested, a puppy is born!


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