[Twisted-Python] Re: Teach Me Twisted Redux

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at pangalactic.us
Thu Mar 20 22:34:38 EDT 2008

glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> I believe the honorable Dr. Tarbox actually qualifies as a Bronze 
> founding sponsor of the TSF, so at this point I don't think he's yet 
> overstepped the amount of crap he's allowed to give us.  Although 
> perhaps future vitriol could be saved for the sponsors list we are in 
> the process of setting up, and in the more productive form of feature 
> requests :).
> (Thanks, Glenn!  Do you want to send us a logo, perhaps a signature, to 
> put on the front page?)

I notice that the TSF has no Gold sponsors yet ... perhaps,
judging from an aside made at the Teach-Me-Twisted session by a
certain Google fellow (who happens to be a venerated, well-known
Python roshi ;), perhaps Google should be Twisted's first
Gold sponsor ... anyone from Google listening?  :)


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