[Twisted-Python] writing back through open connections

Atilla theatilla at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 08:31:06 EDT 2008

>  <time has passed until server decides it needs to send a plugin to one
>  of the clients>
>  Server sends plugin to Client 1

"until server decides" is your 'event' here, not anything initiated by
the client.

The way I see your issue here is that you seem to believe that only
client actions raise events in your application, which is not really
the case. Any part of your application might be responsible for an
event on which you have to act by sending data to the client. In that
case, when a client connects and your factory instantiates an instance
of the protocol ( a new client connection), you should keep a
reference to that instance in a way depending on your application
needs. Through this reference you can send data to your clients at any
point in time, corresponding to events raised from another part of
your application.

For example - I've a simple notification service on which a number of
clients connect and subscribe for events for specific users. I keep a
mapping of every connected client and its subscriptions in my
application code. In my case, the events are raised through a second
protocol that informs my server for every user action, then I send
packets to the connected clients, based on the mappings. But the
actual cause of your events can be anything you like - other network
sources, database, anything you need to code.

Basically - your protocol class is responsible only for how data is
transferred to and from the client. Your application logic should be
defined at a higher level, through your factory and service classes. A
single service might be communicating with clients trough different

I hope that clear is up somewhat.  The examples for the finger server
in twisted's documentation might give you a good idea of how things
work - they're structured nicely over a few chapters to evolve a dumb
server into a useful full-fledged application. Also - the IRC
server/client examples can give you a good idea of how you send data
to a connected client, based on an event created from another source.

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