[Twisted-Python] trial (unit test) naming convention or obligation?

Gabriel Rossetti mailing_lists at evotex.ch
Fri Mar 7 08:44:54 EST 2008


I am starting to use the trial package and while looking at some 
examples I saw that some methods start with "test_" and some don't, so I 
thought the test cases must start with that, then I noticed in another 
file that camelCase was used, so what would have been "test_basic_op" in 
one file would be "testBasicOp" in another. I just want to be sure as I 
couldn't find any documentation other than "look at the code" (which I 
have), and since I never actually found the parser : if a method starts 
(contains it at the beginning) with the word "test", then the test suite 
will execute it, if not, then it won't, correct?


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