[Twisted-Python] Re: twisted application server

Tristan Seligmann mithrandi at mithrandi.net
Fri Mar 7 07:55:20 EST 2008

* Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at kostyrka.org> [2008-03-07 13:44:02 +0100]:

> Actually, on a modern system like Linux, if you fork, the process share
> memory as long it's not written too (Copy-on-Write).

Except that it's basically impossible to read a Python object without
writing to it, as the reference count changes.

> This means, that if you'd fork off your process pool from your
> application, forking should have minimal impact. Even writing it as a
> standalone process means memory usage of one Python interpreter, plus
> minimal usage in the forked processes.

This would only be true for a Python implementation that does not use
reference counting.
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