[Twisted-Python] thread created from tcp connection

big_tyo at inf.its-sby.edu big_tyo at inf.its-sby.edu
Thu Mar 6 01:54:11 EST 2008

> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 06:11:58 -0000
> From: glyph at divmod.com
> Subject: Re: [Twisted-Python] thread created from tcp connection

> On 05:59 am, big_tyo at inf.its-sby.edu wrote:
>>The Problem is i still haven't figure out how to send some parameters
>>to a
>>thread that created from established tcp connection.
> The real problem is probably that Twisted is not thread safe; you
> probably should not be using threads at all.
>>ps : sorry for the bad english
> No problem!  I'm sure my indonesian is much worse :).  Thanks for using
> Twisted.
> Since your english is not very good, it would be best if you could
> include Python code with your next message, so we can know exactly what
> you are talking about.

okay here is my source code for server and client for addition, someone
here told me that i shouldn't use twisted to manage tcp connection , well
i still want to swim deeper in twisted tough.

and i add some command for my problem there

thanks for your big help ^^

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