[Twisted-Python] Twisted Hosting and Twisted in the Cloud

Walter Purvis wpurvis at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 01:14:32 EDT 2008

My primary use of Twisted is as a web application server behind a reverse

Personally, I would love to see some Amazon EC2 images with Twisted

If there were some *paid* EC2 images availble right now that had an Nginx ->
HAProxy -> Twisted app server (meaning Twisted pre-installed and ready to
go) stack on it, I would definitely use it, simply because I'm going to have
to set that up for myself pretty soon and I am neither a Linux nor an EC2
expert (I have so far only used existing vanilla AMIs for

I probably wouldn't pay much for it, maybe 1 or 2 cents per hour -- but
that's still about $7.20 or $14.40 per month, per server, in perpetuity, for
whoever set up that kind of AMI. If someone created some slick managament
tools/UI, or if some organization wanted to provide professional support not
only for Twisted but for the whole stack/virtual box, I'd pay considerably

Aside from EC2, I don't have any interest, i.e., unless something changes I
don't intend to ever run a web application on anything other than EC2
infrastructure ever again. The mere pre-installation of Twisted, even with
ongoing professional support, on some other hosting provider's
infrastructure wouldn't come close to tempting me to use that provider
instead of EC2.

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