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I am extremely sorry, please ignore this email.

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I have about 8 years of exp.in python and have exp. with both twisted and django and I am currently located in India.
I would like to know more about this oppurtunity
e.g what type of project it is, how technically involved.
and is tellecommuting is an option here?
thanks and regards

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Hi people,
My name is Sean Burling and I am an account manager for V-hr, an IT recruitment company based in London.
I am currently seeking a Senior Python Developer/ Team Lead (ideally with exposure to either Django or Twisted) for a multimedia company based in the heart of Amsterdam.
I am struggling to find candidates with the relevant experience and as such wanted to reach out to the list to find out if any of you or your contacts are interested in new opportunities in Europe.
I apologise if this has reached you in error, however to find out more about this opportunity please contact me on +44 (0)207 500 7992.
Kind Regards
Sean Burling
Account  Manager
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