AW: [Twisted-Python] Twisted Trial

Curt curtferguson at
Wed Jun 18 08:24:54 EDT 2008

Torsten A. wrote:
> I have never really used a version control system I have to admit. I thought
> of control systems to log changes which can in case of severe damage or what
> ever reason be made undone. But if I can execute different versions of the
> project, e.g. in my case the initial version and the last modified, just by
> saying run this one or that one, I am glad to use it. Can this be done
> (excuse my probably dumb question)? Can someone please give me catchword to
> search for? As I looked briefly in the bazaar guide
> ( I wasn't able
> to find anything helpful. 
> Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it!
I use bazaar myself for version control, and I highly recommend it.  If
you're popping in and out on different branches/versions all the time
though, you may want to look at combinator from Divmod.  Sounds like
just what you're looking for.

Here is a link to it, the link isn't working for me at this particular
moment, but I know it is a good link, hopefully will be back up sometime

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