AW: [Twisted-Python] Twisted Trial

Torsten A. c2k_list at
Wed Jun 18 04:48:28 EDT 2008

Thank you all for your replies.

I should have mentioned that. The current directory is in the pythonpath. In
the variable PYHTONPATH the dot is set and when I walk through the
filesystem, starting python from different locations, the current path is
always set in sys.path. Hence, I asssume that PythonPath is set correctly.
So your suggestion, what I thought would work
>  cd \original_project
>  trial package_to_test
>  cd \modified_project
>  trial package_to_test
does actually not work. Who knows why...

> Torsten, you say your code doesn't work when you have PYTHONPATH set. Can
you be more specific? Send us the output showing it not working, etc?

Actually I'd love to do that, but I really don't know what to send. When I
run the trial as suggested by Christian (see above), the trial runs every
time for the modified package, even if I am in \original_project. How do I
know this? Well, the trial fails at the point where the modified version
fails. If I delete the modified version from the pythonpath, everything runs

I have never really used a version control system I have to admit. I thought
of control systems to log changes which can in case of severe damage or what
ever reason be made undone. But if I can execute different versions of the
project, e.g. in my case the initial version and the last modified, just by
saying run this one or that one, I am glad to use it. Can this be done
(excuse my probably dumb question)? Can someone please give me catchword to
search for? As I looked briefly in the bazaar guide
( I wasn't able
to find anything helpful. 

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it!


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