[Twisted-Python] Twisted Trial

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Tue Jun 17 15:51:41 EDT 2008

The various answers recommending version control are just heading off in a
direction that wasn't asked about at all! :-)

Sorry if I sound grouchy, but the OP hasn't done anything to warrant being
curtly told to just use version control, especially when that's not a
solution to the problem he's running into.

There should be no need to add that people often have multiple versions
(branches, often) checked out and want to swap between using them and have
the right version picked up by Python.  That's part of the point/use of
combinator and the *branch commands, as many people here already know.

Torsten, you say your code doesn't work when you have PYTHONPATH set. Can
you be more specific? Send us the output showing it not working, etc?


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